Indian River Consulting Group,
    Michael Marks is widely known for his public speaking and experience driven approach to solving the problems that face distributors today. The site offers many specialized discussion forums and a list of the firms service offerings.

Merrifield Consulting Group,
    Bruce Merrifield is considered one of this industry's leading futurists and change proponents. This is a great site for articles relating to the changing business environment, strategy, service management, and electronic commerce.

Modern Distribuion Management,
    Tom Gale does a fantastic job of providing current information on issues, consolidation, markets, profits, and general distribution happenings.

Loeb Associates,
    A great resource for FAMILY BUSINESSES Great Experiences, Resources, Ideas, and Solutions.

Tim Durbin,
    Tim is the most effective resource for technology solutions, concepts, ideas, and information. He knows the distribution industry and speaks techie at the same time.

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