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Below is a list recommended books and articles along with brief summaries and reviews. Most of the books relate to wholesale distribution or management practices that can enhance your effectiveness in wholesale distribution. In association with, you can easily order any of the books listed here by clicking on the book's title or image (if available).

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The Monster Under the Bed by Davis and Botkin

A book about technology in life, business, and education. Davis & Botkin provide the most relevant material available on how to move an organization toward a learning organization. They explore ways to use technologies available to improve customer service, internal operations, business effectiveness, and business planning. The book is not about hardware driven technologies, but about learning trends, training effectiveness, personal and business growth, and employee potential.

The Great Transition by James Martin

Martin is a prolific writer and thinker in the areas of information technology and its impact on commerce and society. In this offering he focuses on moving a company into a boundaryless configuration. His ideas on removing silos of concern or function (sales, purchasing, operations, etc.) not the function but the silos around the functions, are quite pertinent to the distribution industry today. It is especially relevant for larger companies trying to merge or change existing cultures that came with mergers and acquisitions. This book is a synthesis of the most relevant and successful change methods available to businesses today.

net.gain by Hagel & Armstrong

This book approaches being the manifesto for a generation of business people who want to reap the rewards of the elusive on-line economy. It is the first book I’ve found that provides strategic tools for evaluating your costs, returns, time frames, evaluation methods, and marketing changes required to use the Internet for more than a toy. It offers ‘real world’ scenarios and lessons for building value and creating competitive advantage. The distribution industry has not yet accepted the potential of the net but a surprisingly large portion of our customers and suppliers have already made the commitment. Excellent reading, even if you don’t yet own a computer.

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