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Below is a list recommended books and articles along with brief summaries and reviews. Most of the books relate to wholesale distribution or management practices that can enhance your effectiveness in wholesale distribution. In association with, you can easily order any of the books listed here by clicking on the book's title or image (if available).

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Flight of the Buffalo by Belasco and Stayer

One of the more powerful works around addressing leadership (or the lack of same) in privately held businesses. This is the book that really gets to the guts of why companies can’t initiate change within the organization. The authors focus on how to move an organization from behaving like a herd of buffalo following one leader, toward one behaving like a flock of geese where leadership is dependent on needs, situations, abilities, and results. It’ll make you take a long hard look at your management style.

Leading Change by James O' Toole

The first leadership book with some meat. O’Toole looks at ‘values based’ leadership and its power in overcoming resistance to change. He goes against modern quick-fix leadership principles and situational leadership theories and focuses on leadership based on high moral purpose and consistent display of respect for followers. O’Toole brings followership to the forefront of leadership in an easy to follow, down to earth writing style that will amuse and inform.

Deep Change by Robert E. Quinn

The first half of the book alone is worth the price. Quinn helps you explore 'how to' prepare yourself and your organization or team for change, then how to maintain that change as long as it's needed. A must read for middle management, or anyone stuck in the mire of sameness.

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